The Vueguard® 931AF is one of Performance Coatings International’ Laboratories, LLC’s families of solvent-based UV cured coatings for plastics. Vueguard® 931AF is a crystal clear coating offering permanent, superior resistance to fogging. There are a variety of formulations each responding to particular application needs ranging from very high condensation to low condensation environments and abrasion resistance.

Range of Uses

The Vueguard® 931AF is used where potential fogging conditions exist, i.e. humidity, moisture in both indoor and outdoor environments. Examples of excellent fog resistant performance applications include the following:
Eyewear – prescription, sport and safety Marine equipment
Aerospace Construction vehicles
Refrigerated vending machines Refrigerator windows
Greenhouse windows Glazing windows, skylights, etc.

Coating Application Methods

Vueguard® 931AF may be applied via spray (hand or automated), dip, spin, roll or flow coating.

Fog Tests

Vueguard® 931AF has been tested in both hot and cold extremes for extended periods of time without fogging. Depending on the application formulation, this coating will not fog over a water filled beaker at 90°C for over 85 minutes when the test was stopped. When breathed on, the coating remains unaffected (clear) at all times.

Clarity and Versatility

An important property of the Vueguard® 931AF is its optical clarity. The Vueguard® 931AF has many applications. It can either be used alone as a one-sided coating or in conjunction with another coating, such as the hard coat Vueguard® 901 to provide crystal clear solutions with high abrasion resistance on the outside surface and permanent anti-fog properties on the interior surface, as for example, in ophthalmic lenses and instrumentation gauges. This coating has no effect on light transmission characteristics.

Scratch and Abrasion Resistance

Vueguard® 931AF is not intended to be used where a high-degree scratch and abrasion resistance is required. Minimal scratch and abrasion resistance is provided with Vueguard® 931AF coatings to allow for handling and cleaning. Scratch resistance ranges from a high of 5 psi with a #0000 steel wool pad PCI Labs test to less than 1 psi depending upon the formulation.

Cleaning Instructions

Vueguard® 931AF coated products may be cleaned using ordinary liquid window cleaners and a soft cloth. PDF Download