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PCI Labs is a supplier of high-performance UV Cured Coatings for thermoplastic materials.

PCI Labs’ products are used to protect, preserve, enhance the appearance, and improve the function, performance and durability of thermoplastic products in high technology markets.

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PCI Labs’ UV-curable coatings protect, preserve, enhance the functionality, performance and improve the aesthetic appeal of your injection molded, cast or extruded thermoplastic parts or sheet materials.

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Custom Formulations

PCI Labs specializes in the custom formulation of 100% solids, hybrids and UV-curable, high- performance coatings for flexible and rigid thermoplastic materials. Also, PCI Labs can support your new product development process from concept to market introduction. Our scientists can assist in the development of proprietary coatings and chemical formulations and pilot development to production for high technology applications in our modern laboratory facilities.