The VueGuard® 941  anti-static insulative coating is one of PCI Lab’s families of solvent-based UV cured coatings for plastics. VueGuard® 941 is a crystal clear coating designed to provide permanent anti-static properties.

Range of Uses

VueGuard® 941 coated products can be used in applications where a permanent, clear coating is required to dissipate a static charge both in the static dissipative and insulative range. Its primary use is in the electronics industry, where a typical example is the elimination of static build-up in the area of computer chip processing or interior of cell-phone displays.

Anti-Static Insulative Coating Application Methods

The VueGuard® 941 may be applied via spray (hand or automated), dip, spin, roll or flow coating.

Anti-Static Properties

VueGuard® 941 coated products provide optimum surface resistivity or ability to reduce static build-up on a permanent basis. These coatings will resist static build up in the static dissipative range of 106 ohms/sq. surface resistivity for optimum ESD control or to the insulative range of 1014 ohms/sq. surface resistivity at 23°C with 67% RH.

Scratch and Abrasion Resistance

The VueGuard® 941 coatings are not intended to be used where a high-degree scratch and abrasion resistance is required. Minimal scratch and abrasion resistance is provided to allow for handling and cleaning. Scratch resistance is less than 3 psi using a #0000 steel wool pad PCI Labs test.

Cleaning Instructions

VueGuard® 941 coated products may be cleaned using ordinary liquid window cleaners and a soft cloth.

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