VueGuard® 932 AF – Permanent Anti-Fog Coating

VueGuard® 932 AF is a new high solids, UV-Curable coating.  This coating is  crystal clear, offering permanent, superior resistance to fogging. There are a variety of formulations for polymeric and other substrates for varied environmental conditions, from very high condensation to low condensation and abrasion resistance requirements.

VueGuard® 932 AF is used where potential fogging conditions exists; ie. Humidity, moisture in both indoor and outdoor environments. Examples of excellent fog resistant performance application include the following:

Range of Uses:

Eyewear – prescription, sport and safety, glasses & visorsMarine equipment displays
Aerospace instrumentationAutomotive instrumentation
Refrigerated vending machinesRefrigerator windows
Greenhouse windowsGlazing windows, skylights, etc.

Coating Application Methods

VueGuard® 932 AF may be applied via spray, dip, spin, roll or flow coating processes.

Fog Tests

VueGuard® 932 AF has been tested in both extremely hot and (freezer) cold extremes for extended periods of time without fogging.

Clarity and Versatility

An important property of the VueGuard® 932 AF is its optical clarity. The VueGuard® 932 AF has many applications. It can either be used alone as a one-sided coating or in conjunction with another coating, such as the hard coat VueGuard® 901 to provide crystal clear solutions with high abrasion resistance on the outside surface and permanent anti-fog properties on the interior surface, as for example, in ophthalmic lenses and instrumentation gauges. This coating has no effect on light transmission characteristics.

Scratch and Abrasion Resistance(1)

VueGuard® 932 AF is not intended to be used where a high-degree scratch and abrasion resistance is required. Minimal scratch and abrasion resistance is provided with VueGuard® 932 AF coatings to allow for handling and cleaning. Scratch resistance ranges from a high of 5 psi with a #0000 steel wool pad PCI Labs test to less than 3 psi depending upon the formulation. Pencil hardness: PC-B, PMMA-2H

Cleaning Instructions

VueGuard® 932 coated products may be cleaned using ordinary liquid window cleaners and a soft cloth.


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(1) Please contact us for VueGuard® 932 AF additional Test Results