VueGuard® 911 anti-weathering water clear hardcoat for plastic sheets and molded articles, offering superior resistance to ultraviolet degradation and abrasion. While VueGuard® 911 has been designed primarily for polycarbonate substrates, other plastics may benefit from its application.

Anti-Weathering Water Clear Hardcoat Technical Data

Environmental Exposure

 UnexposedHumidity (1)Weathering (2)
Light Transmittance (%) (3)9191
Haze (%) (4)0.40.51-2 (7)
Adhesion (%) (5)100100100
Yellowness Index Change (6)003-4 (7)

1. Humidity: 120 hours @ 52°C and 100% RH (ASTM D-2247)
2. Weathering: ASTM G-53 (cycle of 8 hrs UV @ 70°C and 4 hrs condensing humidity @ 50°C for 2,500 hrs using Q-Panel QUV test equipment)
3. Light Transmittance: ASTM D-1003
4. Haze: ASTM D-1003
5. Adhesion: ASTM D-3359
6. Yellowness Index: ASTM D-1925
7. After 2.500 hours of QUV exposure start of color change of the polycarbonate substrate

Scratch/Abrasion Tests

Haze Change (3)
Steel-Wool Scratch (8)38.10.4
Abrasion (9) 250 Cycles32.03-4

Chemical Resistance (8), (9)

5% AmmoniaSL
10% Caustic SodaSL
50% Caustic SodaXM

8. Chemical Resistance: Similar to ASTM D-1308 but more severe. Evaporation minimized through continuous contact with chemical by means of a pad in the mouth of an inverted bottle placed on the specimen.

9. L—Long-term contact, greater than 24 hours
M—Medium-term contact, up to 8 hours
S—Short Term contact, up to 1 hour
X—Immediate attack: do not use

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