The VueGuard® 911AG anti-weathering anti-glare hardcoat is one of PCI Lab’s family of solvent-based UV cured coatings for plastics. VueGuard® 911AG is a glare reducing coating offering outstanding optical properties, excellent chemical, scratch and abrasion resistance as well as the most sought after benefit – a long lasting UV resistant feature. This coating has withstood over 3,000 hours in the QUV with a yellow index change of less than 6% for polycarbonate. Because of this feature, this topcoat is very useful for outdoor applications where a textured and glare reduced finish is required for cosmetic purposes.

Range of Uses:

The Vueguard® 911AG is used where the coated product is exposed to outdoors and retardation of UV degradation from sunlight is required and a textured or glare reduced finish is called for. The following are some applications

Outdoor Signs Automotive parts
Skylights Fabricated parts
CRT’s Outdoor safety wear
Windows Instruments and test equipment
Indoor Lighting Lenses

Anti-Weathering Anti-Glare Hardcoat Application Methods:

Vueguard® 911AG may be applied via spray (hand or automated), dip, roll or flow coating.


Vueguard® 911AG coatings have been found to provide resistance to or retardation of the degrading effects of UV in sunlight as well as certain other effects of weathering. There is no coating commercially available today that totally eliminates the sun’s damaging effects, particularly on polycarbonate where the greatest need exists. This coating will resist the yellowing of plastic from sunlight permitting extended uses in UV exposure. Polycarbonate coated sheets and parts have exceeded 3,000 hours in the QUV accelerated weathering tester (Q Panel Corporation) using ASTM G-53 test method.

Chemical Resistance:

The Vueguard® 911AG coated products have excellent resistance to many chemicals. They will resist diluted sulfuric acid, alcohols, aromatic solvents such as toluene and xylene, trichloroethylene and gasoline.

Scratch and Abrasion Resistance:

Vueguard® 911AG coatings deliver an extended service life when compared to uncoated substrates while maintaining an attractive appearance. Tests conducted using Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC’s steel wool scratch tester show no sign of scratching at 12 psi using a #0000 steel wool pad at five rotations.

Glare Reduction Levels:

Various levels of glare reduction are available to enhance readability. They range from 0°-gloss level to 85° gloss level with the most popular being 32°, 54° and 75° gloss units. Selection of a specific gloss level is dependent upon the type of display being used and glare reduction sought.

Surface Printing:

Surface printing over Vueguard® 911AG coated products is feasible by using our proprietary surface treatment PST-1126.

Cleaning Instructions:

Vueguard® 911AG coated sheets and fabricated parts may be cleaned using ordinary liquid window cleaners and a soft cloth.

Cleaning Instructions

Vueguard® 901 ANR coated sheets and fabricated parts may be cleaned using ordinary liquid window cleaners and a soft cloth.

Substrate Index

Vueguard® 911AG – Polycarbonate, Nylon, ABS

Vueguard® 912AG – PMMA

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