The VueGuard® 901ANR anti-Newton ring hardcoat is one of PCI Lab’s family of solvent-based UV cured coatings for plastic. VueGuard® 901 ANR is a transparent coating used for the prevention of Newton ring “rainbow” occurrence when two pieces of plastic surface make contact.

Range of Uses

VueGuard® 901 ANR can be used in the following applications:

  • Computer touch screens
  • CRT displays
  • Situations where two transparent plastic surfaces make contact
  • Cell phones

Anti-Newton Ring Hardcoat Application Methods

VueGuard® 901 ANR may be applied via spray (hand or automated), dip, roll or flow coating.

Chemical Resistance

VueGuard® 901 ANR coated products have excellent resistance to many chemicals. They will resist diluted sulfuric acid, alcohols, aromatic solvents such as toluene and xylene, trichloroethylene and gasoline.

Surface Printing

Surface printing over VueGuard® 901 ANR coated products is feasible by using our proprietary surface treatment PST-1126.

Scratch and Abrasion Resistance

VueGuard® 901 ANR coatings deliver an extended service life when compared to uncoated substrates while maintaining an attractive appearance. Test conducted using both Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC’s steel wool scratch tester and the Abrasion Tester show no attack in either case.

PC SubstrateHaze Change (ASTM D-1003)
Steel Wool Scratch #0000 steel wool pad at 24 psi for 100 rotations28.10.4
Abrasion ASTM D-1044 100 cycles32.03-4

Cleaning Instructions

VueGuard® 901 ANR coated sheets and fabricated parts may be cleaned using ordinary liquid window cleaners and a soft cloth.

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