TOPPRO® Hi-Performance Topcoats
TopPro®701 Protective Coatings for Plastics (a)
TopPro®703 Protective Coatings for Paper
TopPro®705 Protective Coatings for Metals (b)
TopPro®WOW Protective Coatings for Matte Plastic Substrates

Product Performance*ClearMatte ClearMatteFlat
Abrasion Resistance11 psi50 psi50 psi50 psi
Adhesion (ASTM D-3359)100%100%100%100%
Chemical Resistance (ASTM D-1308)2Resists commonly used chemicals and solvents.
Coverage**3,200 to 4,000 sq. ft. per gallon.
Environmental StabilityWeather resistant; retains adhesion, no degradation after 96 hours at 100% humidity and 100° F (38° C).
Product EnhancersSpray paints, indelible markers (ASTM 4236), etc. will not permanently adhere. Hides minor surface scratches, pits, inclusions, ghosting, etc.
ToxicityNo V-pyrol or solvents.
Viscosity (at 24° C)1500 cps34050 cps48800 cps38600 cps5
Weight/Gallon (lbs. At 21° C)9.29.810.79.5

(a) Polycarbonate

Treated Polyester


Clear Acetate

Roller Polished Vinyl

(b) Steel


* On polycarbonate substrate.

** Based on coating thickness of .2 to .4 mils applied as per manufacturer’s instructions. Do test runs prior to production to ensure substrate compatibility. Not for use on acrylic.

(1) Using 0000 or 000 steel wool pad with five rotations except clear using 0000 steel wool only.

(2) Similar to ASTM D-1308, but more severe exposure to chemicals.

(3) Using #5 spindle at 100 rpm

(4) Using #5 spindle at 50 rpm

(5) Using #6 spindle at 50 rpm

TOPPRO® Hi-Performance Topcoats


• One component, stir and use

• Does not thicken

• Will not “skin”

• Nitrogen free curing

• Eliminates “bleeding”

• Packaged in quarts for ease of use

• Free of solvents and V-pyrol


• Repels graffiti materials

• Resists scratching to 50 psi

• Retards yellowing

• Slows ink color fade

• Withstands harsh chemicals

• Hides minor defects

• Remains flexible on film

• Allows creation of textures

• Offers weather protection


• Signs, interior or exterior

• POP displays, nameplates, billboards

• Lenses; instrument, gauge, etc.

• Control panels

• Alternative to lamination


Matte Clear



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