Surfaces coated with PCI Labs’ Vueguard 901® and TopPro® High Performance UV-curable Coatings require a pre-printing surface treatment before any inking process, due to their highly chemical resistant nature. This surface treatment can be accomplished by using PCI Labs’ specially formulated solutions. This pre-printing treatment ensures good adhesion of the ink to the coated surface. PCI Labs highly recommends that you apply the Vueguard 901® and TopPro®UV-curable high abrasion and chemical resistant hard coats, on top of your printed surfaces.

PST – Pre-Printing Surface Treatments:

PST 1126 Pre-Printing Surface Treatment – Vueguard 901®
PST 1128 Pre-Printing Surface Treatment – TopPro®

Procedure for cleaning coated parts before inking process:
  1. Wet lint-free, polyester wiper with the PST – 1126 formulation. Apply some pressure with wet wiper over the substrate, in even strokes, and then dry with a clean, lint-free, polyester dry wiper.
  2. Wet wiper with Propyl Alcohol or IPA. Clean with even strokes, and then dry with a dry, lint-free wiper.
  3. If you see streaks, repeat step 2. For best adhesion results, we recommend the following ink curing schedule:
  1. Heat curable inks:
    • On acrylic substrates: 2 to 3 hours at 120°F (49°C)
    • On polycarbonate substrates (*): 1 hour at 150°F (66°C) – 180°F (82°C) (*) Depending on substrate thickness
  2. UV curable inks:
    • Use established curing procedures, as recommended by the ink manufacturer.
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