Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC a global supplier of high performance UV-curable coatings and toll coater, announced today the completion of qualification studies of the Vueguard® 901 / 801 Hard coats and Vueguard® 932  Anti-Fog UV-curable coatings with Eastman co-polyesters:

Eastman Tritan™ TX-1001 and TX-2001 amorphous Co-polyester materials.

Both the Vueguard® 901 and Vueguard® 801 high performance UV-curable, thin film coatings were effective in improving the scratch resistance of TX-1001 and TX-2001 materials without imparting embritlement.  The Vueguard® 801 was more effective in improving the steel wool scratch resistance and pencil hardness of both Tritan™ materials, while the Vueguard® 901 was more effective in improving the Taber™ abrasion resistance. The Vueguard® 932 AF coating was effective in imparting excellent anti-fog properties to both Tritan™ Tx-1001 and Tx-2001 molded parts. Eastman’s Tritan™ copolyesters offer excellent appearance and clarity, outstanding chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability. End-use applications for these materials are in the consumer and durable goods, appliances, housewares and small appliance markets.
 Vueguard® 901 & 801 Anti-Fog Coatings on Tritan™  Vueguard® 932 Anti-Fog Coating for Tritan™
 Surface Differences between Tritan™ and PC  Surface Energy of Tritan™ vs PC and PET
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