This low viscosity anti-fog surface cleaner (AF) liquid treatment is designed to both clean and restore the anti-fog behavior of PCI Labs’ VueGuard® 930 AF coated articles.

It should be used from the start to clean and restore cured coatings, that may have been depleted by continuous washing, soaking and/or excessive heating.

To the AF coated surface, apply by pump spray about 1 ml per 100 cm2 surface area of the VueGuard® PST cleaner & restorer. Evenly spread coating by microfiber or nylon cloth and continue to cover by wet cloth for a period of five minutes to allow ingredients to penetrate the surface of the coating. The coating is then dried with a clean nylon cloth with minimum pressure to avoid scratching. The treated surface is fully functional as an anti-fog surface.

Important Note

It is important to select the right alcohol for the VueGuard 930 PST treatment. The alcohol chosen depends upon safety requirements and the prior treatment of the antifog coated surface. For surfaces that have seen only aqueous cleaning cycles, more polar alcohols are recommended, such as isopropyl alcohol. For those surfaces cleaned with alcohols, an intermediate polarity alcohol is preferred, such as n-Propyl alcohol. For those that have seen high heat, the alcohol use to prepare the antifog coating is preferred, such as PM solvent.



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