PCI Labs Introduces MaxGuard 701 Series of UV Curable Coatings

West Caldwell, NJ & Shanghai, China– May 22, 2007 – Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC, a global leader of high performance UV-curable coatings today announced the introduction of the MaxGuard 701 Value product line. Mr. George E. Drazinakis, President of PCI Labs in an interview with the media said:

“ The introduction of the MaxGuard 701 is a major milestone in the history of PCI. We’ve market researched our customers in the Far East – China and India – and developed a competitive, high solids, UV-curable product line of coatings for plastics that offer outstanding value and performance. The Vueguard 901 and 801 coatings remain our premier products to address very demanding market applications. With the MaxGuard 701 introduction we are addressing the market segment in the developing world that don’t need the highest performance, but require solutions to their specific problems in an economical way.”

The MaxGuard 701 product line contains the following value coatings:

  • Maxguard 701 WC Water Clear Hardcoat
  • Maxguard 701 WC FL Water Clear, Flexible Hardcoat
  • Maxguard 701 AG Anti-Glare, Various Gloss Levels, Hardcoat
  • Maxguard 701 AG-5 Wear Resistant Keyboard Hardcoat
  • Maxguard 701 HD High Diffusion Hardcoat
  • Maxguard 701 R Anti Newton Ring Hardcoat
  • Maxguard 711 Anti-Weathering Hardcoat (PC)
  • Maxguard 712 Anti-Weathering Hardcoat ( PMMA)
  • Maxguard 711 AG Anti-Glare Weatherable Hardcoat/PC
  • Maxguard 712 AG Anti-Glare Weatherable Hardcoat/PMMA
  • Maxguard 731 Permanent Anti-Fog Coating
  • Maxguard 732 Permanent Anti-Fog Hardcoat
  • Maxguard 741 Anti-Static Insulative Coating
  • Maxguard 742 Anti-Static Optimum ESD Coating

PCI Labs’ MaxGuard 701 coatings offer high abrasion and chemical resistance, excellent antiglare, anti-static, anti-fog, high deffusion and anti-weathering properties.

PCI Labs Introduces LensGuard

West Caldwell, N.J. – May 18, 2007 – Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC , a global supplier of high performance UV-curable coatings, today announced the introduction of the LensGuard premier eyewear coating line. The LensGuard coatings are high abrasion and chemical resistant, optically clear coatings, ideally suited for the ophthalmic industry. The line includes five tintable and five non-tintable coatings.

  • LensGuard – 501 Super hard, abrasion resistant, optically clear eyewear – Non-tintable
  • LensGuard – 502 Eyewear Hardcoat – Abrasion Resistant–Non Tintable
  • LensGuard – 503 Eyewear Hardcoat – High Bayer–Non Tintable
  • LensGuard – 504 Eyewear Hardcoat – Mid Bayer–Non Tintable
  • LensGuard – 505 Optimum Eyewear Hardcoat – Non Tintable
  • LensGuard – 506 Eyewear Hardcoat – High Abrasion Resistant– Tintable
  • LensGuard – 507 Eyewear Hardcoat – High Abrasion Resistant–Tintable
  • LensGuard – 508 Eyewear Hardcoat – High Bayer–Tintable
  • LensGuard – 509 Eyewear Hardcoat – Mid Bayer–Tintable
  • LensGuard – 510 Optimum Eyewear Hardcoat–Tintable

The LensGuard line features excellent chemical and thermal resistance, no scratches for improved longevity of valuable lenses, excellent adhesion – coating does not peel or flake off under normal wear and tear, – no smudges or smears, easy to clean and fast tintability for laboratory savings.

“The LensGuard coatings are ideal for polycarbonate, CR-39 and other polymeric substrate used in the ophthalmic industry” said Mr. George E. Drazinakis, President of Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC.

PCI Labs additionally offers Chromafilter ® contrast enhancement filter materials , EMI Shielding Windows, VideoFilter face panels , Vueguard 901® high performance coatings , TopPro® screen-applied coatings and CF-133, CF-134, Chromafuse, Transguard and Panel-Tex thermal coatings for plastics. PCI Labs also provides custom coatings and fabrication of sheet and molded plastics.